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Awam Tibetan Heart Center

Prayer for Awam Tibetan Heart Center


Primordially free essence, ka dag, pure from the beginning

is Dharmakaya Samantabhadra and Samantabhadri.

Naturally present luministic mind, spontaneous presence, lhun grub,

is Buddhahood of the Vajradharas.

Union of wisdom and compassion of Awam Heart Center.

On this auspicious day in this Iron Ox year (2021),

may all sentient beings have the great Awam Heart Essence liberation.

May beneficial Buddha activity spread wide. I pray in the UK.


May it be auspicious!

By H.H. Khenchen Lama







ཅེས་རབ་གནས་ལྕགས་གླང་རྒྱལ་ཟླའི་གཟའ་ཚེས་དགེ་བར་མཁན་ཆེན་བླ་མ་དཔལ་དགྱེས་པ་རྡོ་རྗེས་དབྱིན་ཡུལ་ཨེ་ཝཾ་ཡོ་ག་གླིང་ནས་སྨོན་པར་དགེའོ།། །།

Dorje Gotrab Vajra Armor Wish Fulfilling Heart Protection Mandala

Dorje Gotrab/ Vajra Armor and Dorje Drolo

 Wish-Fulfilling Heart

Protection Mandala Information

Namo Guru Pema Karaya
To the ten directions, the three times, all Buddhas Wisdom Bodies, Guru Wish-Fulfilling Gem, I pray. All outer, inner, and secret obstacles, may they all be cleared. What we wish for and blessings, all will come true right now.

For Body, this Vajra Armor Protection Mandala has images; for Speech it has mantra and for Mind it has the five symbols of the Five Buddha Families all within a Dharma Wheel.

On one side of the Protection Mandala is the image of the great wrathful Dorje Drolo. Many Masters say Dorje Drolo and Dorje Gotrab are the same, and are the most important mantras. Guru Rinpoche is the origin. And several of the rare Dorje Gotrab Treasures only have a mantra and do not have a visualization. So, in this Protection Mandala, Dorje Drolo is shown.

In one of the Treasures of the Great Treasure Master, Dorje Lingpa, it says, with these mantras all bad emotions are finished and gone. To do this meditation, you visualize yourself as Dorje Drolo. Also, your 10 fingers and 10 wrathful visualizations. This is Droje Drolo who has great power over demons and negativities to be gone and finished. These Vajra words show exactly the Treasure's vision.

Around Dorje Drolo is Guru Rinpoche's mantra, Dorje Drolo's mantra, Dorje Gotrab’s mantra and the Dependent Origination mantra. (In very simple terms the latter is, if you do bad things, you experience bad things. If you do good things, you experience good things.)

On the other side of the Protection Mandala is the Namkchag Dharma Wheel. In the middle is the symbol of Hung. The Sun and Moon are also present. It also has the symbols of the Five Buddha Families.

This is a Vajra mandala and a Fire mandala. This means it is exactly protection of our body, speech and mind. This mantra has power. Especially in this difficult time in the world, it has more power because it is for this time.

Five reasons why this mantra is beneficial:
First, mantra power is never lost and never changes. It is wish-fulfilling and therefore comes true.

All Buddha’s teachings and mantra have actions with four accomplishments.

The Black Yamantaka Tantra says three things. First, when one has very great devotion, mantra power comes true. This means that when you do mantra, the siddhis come true. True Masters say that mantra never loses its power, and never changes. These mantras are words for Enlightenment. If you do tantra practice, your action for Enlightenment is very fast and comes true. Mind is never lost and the mantra’s power is unchanging. It is always with you if you practice.

Second, where do these mantras come from?
Dorje Gotrab/ Vajra Armor mantra is not an open, public teaching. Ngag Wangpo Pema Leadreltsal, said, Rigdzins, all Vidyadhara lineages, Dorje Gotrab mantra is protection for the body. This means that in the Nyingma tradition, all Vidyadharas, one by one; mind lineage, mudra lineage and word lineages all come from Samantabhadra down to our Master. These are long lineages.

Guru Rinpoche's students, this is Father's Wish-fulfilling Gem, Father's Dharma, it is the Father lineages Heart mantra. One of Dorje Lingpa’s Treasure’s says mantra, and karma tsok offering are important and the great mantra, the Heart mantra is Dorje Gotrab. Rolpai Dorje said the same about Wrathful Dorje Drolo Tantra. Pawo Learaptsal, clearly said it is medicine and mantra. Dorje Gotrab mantra is protection for our body, speech and mind. Terdag Lingpa and Karma Leadrel Lingpa also have said the same many times.

Also, the Vidyadhara lineages say that true practice brings true Enlightenment. We have lots of history of Masters saying this.

Dorje Gotrab is very secret and very important. Some Buddhist Universities and others including lay people use mantra; use the Dharma wheel and have Mipham Rinpoche’s teachings. All of the Nyingma tradition, true Masters, all clearly say this is a Heart Practice and are teaching these to others. These Three Treasures together in this Protection Mandala is rare and is auspicious. This Namkchag Dharma Wheel has Dorje Gotrab as one of its three roots.

Third, when is this mantra used and when should others be taught?

Learaptsal has a Treasure that says, in this time when the 5 Poisons have power, you use this mantra because lots of people are very negative and we are not lucky. It is the end of our good luck, the end of our good karma. In this time when it is not raining properly; there are many bad actions, bad groups, who are all doing bad activities. All negative things are happening. The 8 Demons are all very angry, as are nagas, and gods. In the time when new illnesses that we never had before; that also affect everyone in the whole world; when there is no medicine for these illnesses and doctors don't know these illnesses. Then you do this mantra. When you do this, then all of these negative things go away.

If you look in public in the world, god and hell realms and among humans, you won't find Dorje Gotrab. If you have Dorje Gotrab, then you use and try this practice. If you ask other Masters in other countries such as India, Oddiyana, or anywhere in the whole world, you won't publicly find Dorje Gotrab. If you look on the sun, or go deep into the earth, you won't find Dorje Gotrab. We are lucky to have this one.

Fourth. What benefit comes from Dorje Gotrab mantra?

It is like a Wish-Fulfilling Gem and Rinpoche. The benefits of both Samsara and Nirvana are immeasurable. For example, at a worldly level, Dorje Gotrab, brings peace, wealth and all samsara's wishes come true. And Samsara's outer and inner sickness are all cleanly finished with Dorje Gotrab.

All illnesses can be finished. Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan medicine classify diseases into many different categories. This includes the 424; the harm from 80,000 demons; 360 kinds with ghosts and with demons; and 18 kinds of untimely and easy death. These are all finished and destroyed. These Dorje Gotrab and Dorje Drolo have great power for peace and what you wish to come true. This mantra is the same in the past, present, and future. It is difficult to find. This is my heart. Better than heart. This is my head's eye and we need to take care of this the same way.

Also, the Treasure Master, Learaptsal, has a Treasure that says all benefits come from one mantra and this is Dorje Drolo/ Dorje Gotrab. This finishes the power of gods and the obstacles from the 9 planets are finished. The Demon King is stopped. All 5 color viruses, white, black, red viruses etc. are finished.

Wrathful Demons, 8 Maras’ kings, female demons and many viruses, poisons, secret demons, death demons, ear demons, mouth demons, and other ten demons are finished. Others say also animal demons. All negative 84 kinds of bad omens, the 760 and 360 illnesses, the 404 diseases and obstacles, great demons and damages from 80,000 mara. All negativity is cleanly finished. Earth demons, demon men, demon women, day demons, and night demons are finished. Dorje Gotrab helps everything. It is like a thunderbolt with fire. It helps with samsara illnesses and all bad things.

Now nirvana can also help. Nirvana benefits are different and include peace and good samaya, keeping the positive. Then go to Buddhahood. More wisdom and more compassion come true. More meditation comes true, and more meditation power. When we die there are relics and have Enlightenment. Dorje Lingpas' Treasure says if you are ill, don't lose Dorje Gotrab/ Dorje Drolo's protection, keep it with your body. When die, have it put in your right hand. When your body is cremated, have it with you. Then there will be lights, and rainbows. You will go to Buddhahood. The Dakinis will say, “come to Buddhahood”. You will have Thugdam. Guru Rinpoche will say, “you come”. You never forget Guru Rinpoche's promise. It is never broken. Do not doubt Guru Rinpoche’s promise. We need to take care of it on our side.

Fifth, what action comes from saying this mantra?
This mantra adds to the benefits of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, their blessings, including their primordial blessings. With devotion, all comes true and finishes your outer, inner, and secret obstacles and all good comes true. You believe in the Heart teachings, Heart advice, and Guru Rinpoche's promise that never ends. Most importantly your devotion and samaya are very good.

Pawo Learaptsal in his Treasure, says that if you practice this, then activities, kindness, and compassion grow. This is how you respect your Guru and you take care of your lineage and Master. Don’t forget this advice and believe it. Also, give it to good hearted people. Give it to, positive people. This brings more benefits to this Heart practice.

Dorje Lingpa’s Treasure says this is my heart, this is my advice. This is like my heart students and you don't give to others who are negative. If you do, it is poor samaya and the Dakinis become angry because you don't keep samaya. So, you go to hell. Dorje Lingpa said that in the past, now and in the future, no mantra is as great as this mantra. This is better than my heart and better than my eyes. You keep it and give to your heart students. You keep your Heart. This is Guru, Yidam and Dakinis. It is important we believe this advice.

If we don't like tantra or our lineage, then you never show this mantra to anyone. If you know people who have good heart and good meditation, you share it with these people.

This is often worn as a necklace or with our body. Try to do this mantra 108 times every day. Samaya. You keep your heart. This is good virtue; good Heart students and many good things happen.

In this Water Tiger year, Tibetan first month:

Om Swasti!

By the Sangha of Awam Vidyadharas, endowed with the four non-contrivances covering the extent of the whole earth,

May the tradition of the Great Perfection, the quintessence of the heart of the Buddhadharma, be apprehended through study, practice, and meditation.

H.H. Khenchen Lama Rinpoche.

Dorje Gotrab Mandala Invitation

A (1)

Tashi Delek everyone! I hope you are all well. I wish you good health and wealth!

I dreamed that this year there will be some very difficult times for human relationships, for countries, the world and the environment. Because of these significant difficulties, I checked to see what would be best to do. The best thing to do is only do Guru Rinpoche mantra and Dorje Gotrab (Vajra Armor) mantra. Also, I'd like to share with everyone what I wish to do.

I'd like to make a Vajra Armor mandala. It will be a Three Kayas mandala of Dorje Gotrab. I know from many Treasures of different mandalas what to make. I have one special Padma Dragngag Lingpa Treasure and my Treasure of Three Kayas Dorje Gotrab mandala. These are the same mandala.
Whoever has this mandala, it will help to protect their body, speech and mind very well. This means having a strong body, a strong mind, strong health and wealth. The color is best as gold, silver and copper, or iron. If try gold it is very expensive. Copper is expensive too. But iron is very cheap. My vision is to do a silver mandala. That means it is not expensive and not cheap. And, it will be high quality.

If you believe and would really like, then you need this one. If you’d like to help have this made and this to come true, let me know. Please let me know how many people are interested and how many you would like. 5000 people or 5000 orders are needed so this is not expensive. With this many, it is cheaper and it will also be high quality. This isn't for doing business and making money. If we have this many people or orders, it will cost 110 Chinese RMB, $17.31 USD, 15.25 EU to make each one in today’s currency exchange. This is for a quality mandala. We won’t be adding anything extra to the price.

We can make this together. The more people we have the better for everyone and the world. Please let me know so I know how many people are interested and we can go ahead and have them made. At this time, please tell us your name and how many you want. We do not want any money now. Payment will be later. Thank you.

To let me know, if you are in Asia, please contact me through

If you are in America, Canada, UK, Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, Greenland, South America etc. please contact me through [email protected]. This is the email for my in America.

This Dorje Gotrab mandala will have Guru Rinpoche mantra, Dorje Gotrab mantra and a picture of Guru Rinpoche. Then will have Guru Rinpoche’s body, speech, mind. Hopefully everyone is interested and we will be able to do Dorje Gotrab's mandala.

Also, if someone has this mandala and they pass away, it can be placed with the body when they are cremated. This means in this lifetime, it is protection for your body, speech and mind. When you die and it is placed with you when cremated, it gives liberation for others. And for you in your next life, it will be easy to go to Copper Mountain and be with Guru Rinpoche.

All the best to the world.

Inner Blessing Everyone. Khenchen Lama

Today is a very auspicious day. In the Western calendar, today is the first day of 2022

Tibetan Yogi New Year is also coming soon. I'd like to say Tashi Delek for all of the world. Especially Tashi Delek to all of my Dharma brothers and sisters, students, and especially to all Dharma practitioners. All the best wishes for meditation methods to come true.

Best wishes also in samsara business; mental health, and physical body health. And importantly that in meditation: Hinayana, Mahayana, Tantrayana, and the Heart Essence of Dzogchen meditation, what you wish comes true, Enlightenment, this year.

Usually everyone says Happy New Year and also have New Year's Resolutions. This is also very important. Today I share my dedication with all of my students. There are three things.

First my prayer, Mirror Wisdom. First, I take Refuge in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. I say all Buddhas past, present, future, and Buddha's body, speech and mind are Padmasambhava. All Yidams, One Root Yidam is Vajrakilaya. All Dakinis, Power of Ocean is the nature of Samantabhadri. All Dharmapalas are powerful as King Geyser. These Four Roots I pray, blessing forever, for everyone.

This is Refuge prayer, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

Secondly, if someone sees my physical body or hears my voice and respects me; did empowerments, outer transmission and teaching with me and also takes Refuge from me, and knows me with six consciousnesses – see me, hear me, touch me and miss me all know me with six consciousness, and feels how great my Master is who knows liberation of mind. May the same come true so all beings achieve fast Buddhahood. This I visualize and pray.

Thirdly, if somebody says something bad about me or thinks not friendly thoughts or feels they are an enemy, when I didn't do anything, and yet they say bad things. If people are nice to my face but behind my back are the opposite. And if they say not nice things about me to others and do bad advertising about me. Or, if someone kills me, all mind comes true Bodhicitta. I take care, Knowledge Liberation soon, I pray.

These are my prayers today. All the best to you all.
Inner Buddha Nature.

Khenchen Lama.
January 1, 2022

Tashi Delek everyone. Happy New Year everyone!

Today is the first day of the Water Tiger year. All the best for physical health and mental health in the new year.

In this year, especially do meditation and focus on more practice of Guru Rinpoche Guru Yoga. Please do this because this year is usually wrathful and it is the Water Tiger year. That means more good things happen very fast and bad things happen very easily.

Therefore, we try to do good things and have positive mind to benefit others. Make a New Year’s resolution to every day do 31 malas of Guru Yoga Guru Rinpoche's mantra. This means in one month will do a bit more than 1 lakh (100,000) and in this year, there will be 12 lakhs. When we do this, you won't have obstacles and you will do great meditation. Also, other Yidams, Dakinis, and Dharmapalas do as much as you can do. But mostly do Guru Rinpoche meditation this year.

Otherwise, outer, inner, and secret there will be lots of obstacles. We practice Guru Yoga together every day in different countries, and different areas. It is the same Guru Yoga meditation. It is the same wish and thinking of practice of Guru Yoga. In doing this, we take care of ourself safely and take care of others for world peace and to benefit other sentient beings to have Enlightenment of Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava.

Om Ah Hung Benzra Guru Padma Siddhi Hung

This is the mantra of all Buddhas of the past, the present and in the future. Therefore, it is all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas prayer and meditation. It is one Buddha meditation but it is the meditation of all Buddhas.

All Buddhas’ nature is primordial Buddha; Luministic Buddha and Nirmanakaya Buddha, all come from Guru Rinpoche.  This is the reason we do Guru Rinpoche meditation. And importantly, it helps everyone especially in this modern time. Only Guru Rinpoche helps. Others can't change this world.

Please do it.

All the best to you all.

Inner Guru Rinpoche.  Khenchen Lama

Today there is a sad news day.  Kunzang Rigstal, the Guru of my monastery, passed away. He is a great incarnation of Medicine Buddha. He is a great Yogi and also took good care of the Yogi lineage tradition.

When he passed away, he had already understood, organized and told everyone what to do after he passed. Then, after being in Thukdam for three days, yesterday, to celebrate there was his cremation. At this time, in the fire, Ekajati, Rahula, and Damchen Dorjee Lekspa were visible. Everyone saw this.

Also, one side was wrathful Guru Rinpoche - Dorjee Drolo, and also Sinamukha. Everyone also saw this. Outside, there were rainbows, special clouds, good smells especially many noises like ‘boom’. This really showed Enlightenment Body.

After some weeks, we will open to see if there are relics. Please do Vajrasattva and dedication, 100 Buddhas blessing sentient beings to have the Great Liberation. And that his incarnation comes back for the third time, I pray.

Inner Blessing. Khenchen Lama.

Light Body is a very useful meditation. Usually, people experience a lot of things such as difficulties, sickness, and generally being unhealthy. These all come from desire, attachment, jealousy, anger and also ego. Most people are more attached to “mine”, “me”, and “I” and then easily become ill, sick and have negative things.

If you try to do meditation, your physical body is Light. When you don't try desire, you will be healthier, and you will not be ill or sick. If you do Light Body meditation, it will 95% help your health.

Light Body is like medicine. Light Body changes your physical body. Light Body is nature of mind laws. Then you will easily have luminous mind. When you do Light Body visualization, you are close to your Four Roots. Do more Light Body thinking, meditation, and visualization meditation and rest in Light Body. Light Body is meditation that benefits everyone.

If you do Light Body visualization more and more, your eating and drinking changes. After a while, naturally, you won't need to drink or eat as before. Therefore, everyone, do Light Body meditation in outer, inner, and secret way. This will benefit your physical body, your speaking, and your mind.

This is nature of Light meditation. Then sometimes your physical body is like a candle or light or like the sun and the moon. All light luminosity, light deities, light Rigpa.

Inner Light Body. Khenchen Lama.

Awam Tibetan Heart Center

Who We Are

Awam Tibetan Heart Center

Awam Tibetan Heart Center is a Tibetan Buddhist Yogi center. ‘Awam’ means “compassion and wisdom”.

The Yogi tradition in Tibetan Buddhism is for men and women who are interested in deepening their compassion and wisdom and for those interested in enlightenment while living their lives in our complex world.

The Yogi tradition began informally in the 8th C.E. The King of Tibet invited Padmasambhava to come and give him teachings. He wanted to become enlightened that life even while maintaining his lifestyle and responsibilities as a King.

 During this time of great difficulty and uncertainty, the Awam Tibetan Heart Center's intention is to share teachings that facilitate a calm and peaceful mind, clarity, compassion, wisdom, and physical and mental health in the midst of these challenges. Further, the goal is to explore the teachings and apply them in one’s life, regardless of one’s circumstances.

Specific meditation practices for COVID-19 are available, and for those interested, some teachings can rapidly lead to enlightenment.

H.H. Khenchen Lama Rinpoche, is our Spiritual Director. He is continuing the Yogi tradition that was begun by Nubchen Sangye Yeshe, a Heart student of Guru Rinpoche’s.

We invite you to join us!